John Platt has been a professional residential general contractor for over 35 years serving clients in and around Union & Morris County, New Jersey. He has experience with architectural firms and a multitude of home improvement contractors who he has worked with on many projects over these many years. Additionally, John is experienced in many of the trades that he contracts with so he knows the language of construction, the skills required, and has the ability to jump in to assist with any problems that may arise.

Remodeling your home is a complicated experience and requires coordination between architects, municipalites, designers, suppliers, contractors, and sometimes, the weather. Communication between all these trades and the client requires an understanding of the total project and the needs of the people involved.

You want to hire a contractor you feel comfortable to exist in your home all project long.

John is always available during a project to the many people who need his attention and does his best to keep things moving in the right direction.

John will be happy to meet with you to discuss your new project.

324 Morris Street, Stirling, NJ 07980 Email: [email protected] Cell: 908-337-3662